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Welcome to Gentle Healing – Homeopathy in Castleknock, Dublin 15 and Online worldwide. I am committed to helping you restore your body and mind back to health and happiness using classical homeopathy.

I am passionate about finding the perfect remedy tailored to your specific symptoms and continuing to skilfully guide you towards harmony and balance.

Kateryna Gorodokin 

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My Speciality

I specialise in healing skin naturally

I focus on the root cause of your skin complaint and use carefully selected personalised treatment plan to heal your skin from within

Using homeopathy I balance the function of your internal organs allowing your skin to heal
I combine constitutional treatment with bowel remedies for best results
Effective treatment of this auto-immune condition requires personalised approach
Homeopathy is powerful at relieving burning pain, itching and post-herpetic neuralgia

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Homeopathy online

Every cloud has a silver lining. For as long as I can remember myself, I have always known that whatever happens, happens for the best.…

Homeopathy for mastitis

Breastfeeding doesn’t always come naturally, and women often face some hurdles along the way. One of the most common issues that come up for nursing…


Happy Clients

Nicola S.

Nicola S.

My acne used to flair up every month and I hated those mirrors! I can’t thank you enough for your skill, knowledge and patience!

Kate S.

Kate S.

The grief was overwhelming. Sometimes I was just numb and sometimes I was drowning in it. Your remedies helped me accept what happened and go on living.

Christina M.

Christina M.

Thank you for your empathy. Finally I feel someone really listened and understood

James K.

James K.

Your thorough approach is reassuring. My joint pain is greatly reduced and my energy is better than ever.

Tal S.

Tal S.

My daughter’s eczema was horrendous. We couldn’t sleep and our family was falling apart. Now I’m feeling positive for the first time.

Stacey M.

Stacey M.

I’ve been suffering from IBS for years, leaving the house was petrifying. I still can’t get over how effective homeopathy turned out to be.

Mother & Baby

Happy Mom and Healthy Baby

Common pregnancy and childhood issues can be successfully treated with homeopathy. The remedies are safe, natural, non-toxic and side-effects-free, while being incredibly effective, making homeopathy the perfect choice for conception, pregnancy, baby and beyond.


Frequently Asked Questions


Have you seen all those “reliable” sources calling homeopathy a pseudoscience and a quackery? Time to learn the truth – there are millions of people who swear by it. They sure can’t be all that wrong.

Deep healing – addressing the root cause of the disease rather than focusing on symptom suppression.

Personalised treatment – person-centred and tailored to your specific set of symptoms. You are a unique individual, not a disease label.

Holistic – treating the whole person rather than fragmenting us into body parts.

Homeopathy is truly integrated, flexible and adaptable modern medicine.

Believing that your body is capable of healing certainly aids the process. However, homeopathy is much more than this. It is used successfully with babies, animals and plants. In many high-quality randomised placebo-controlled studies homeopathy consistently outperforms placebo.

Typically, I expect to see improvements within 3 or 4 monthly consultations when dealing with a chronic condition.

Remember, homeopathic remedies don’t ‘fix’ you, they act as a catalyst, your own body does the healing.

Absolutely. I work with clients from all over the world via a range of video platforms such as Zoom or Skype. Online consultations work so well that even most of my Dublin clients opt for an online appointment.

After your online homeopathic consultation, I will email you the prescription, a list of pharmacies in your country and how to take and store your remedy.

Online homeopathic treatment is just as effective as face-to-face visits. Eliminating the need to travel makes a huge difference for some, and many people find it easier to relax and open up from the comfort of their own home. I personally love working with a multitude of cultures and nationalities, my practice never gets boring. Wherever in the world you are, if you want to work with a professional homeopath, I’m just a video call away.