Every cloud has a silver lining. For as long as I can remember myself, I have always known that whatever happens, happens for the best. And life proved me right every time without fail. Perhaps it’s about listening for the subtle cues and being open to follow life wherever it may lead you. About trusting more and struggling less. I don’t know. One thing this whole covid madness did for me was to change the way I work. Two-three years ago I couldn’t imagine taking a case without seeing the patient face-to-face and “feeling their energy”. But with one lockdown after the next, my lovely purpose-built clinic stood empty and I had to move my practice online. And to my surprise, I loved it! Turned out, homeopathy online is just as effective as in-person.

At first, I was apprehensive about providing homeopathic consultations online. But after being part of the team of international homeopaths called Homeopathy24/7, I discovered that homeopathy online offers lots of advantages to both the patient and the practitioner.

Homeopathy online – advantages for the patient

The most obvious one, of course, is that clients don’t need to travel. With increasingly busy schedules and never-ending to-do lists, cutting the time and expense of travelling to an appointment is a welcome change. Always-on-the-go moms of multiple kids in my practice appreciate this just as much as pressed for time professionals. Eliminating the need to travel makes it possible for an older and more fragile person to attend. And when it comes to homeopathic treatment of babies and young children, it is so much easier for the parents to have an online homeopathic consultation in their own home. Many such appointments actually turned out to be much more effective. When the baby got bored and unsettled, someone at home was able to take him over, leaving the mom to talk to me in peace.

Patients in remote areas with no homeopath for miles around are now able to access treatment and improve their health. Location is not an issue anymore. People also find it easier to relax and open up in the comfort of their own home. Transitioning to homeopathy online turned out to be a blessing.

How does homeopathy online work?

It’s a smooth and efficient process. You book your appointment at the time that suits you. Find a private and quiet space and tell me what symptoms bother you and what issues you need help with. Email me the pictures of any skin problems or other symptoms I may need to see. After your online homeopathic consultation, I email you the prescription and the list of pharmacies in your country, as well as how to take and how to store your remedy. Once you begin your homeopathic treatment, we keep in touch by email until your follow-up appointment. Pretty simple and straightforward.

Homeopathy online works really well, sometimes better than in person. People find it easier to attend and keep up with the treatment. Time difference often works to the client’s advantage, as they can book an appointment after work or early in the morning, which would be out of hours for local practitioners.

As for me personally, I discovered that I love practicing homeopathy online. I help many people halfway across the globe, it’s mind-blowing. People I would never have met otherwise. It’s fun to work with the multitude of cultures and nationalities, my practice is never boring. And I have covid to thank for this 😊 So if you want to work with a professional homeopath no matter where you are drop me an email, I’m only a video call away.

I hope you found this helpful. If you have any questions or would like to book an appointment, please feel free to contact me. I am a qualified professional offering expert homeopathic treatment in Dublin and Online. Family discounts available.