Louise, aged 27, came to see me two years ago. She was looking for homeopathy for cystic acne that has tormented her since puberty. Growing up, she hoped that her skin would improve. Unfortunately, the opposite happened. Since she turned 21, her acne got much worse.

Louise came from a family of doctors, and she was not someone you’d call “crunchy“. She trusted mainstream medicine and has never looked for alternative treatment. She struggled with acne for years, having tried all that doctors had to offer. Eventually, she more or less gave up. Then, as it happens, someone in the office mentioned homeopathy. Louise thought, why not, nothing to lose, and came to see me.

Homeopathy for cystic acne and other symptoms

As most of my female acne clients, Louise was put on a contraceptive pill for many years, but it did nothing for her acne. She also used topical antibiotics and other creams that her doctor gave her. But nothing worked. Her acne flared up continuously on her cheeks and chin. The pimples were very painful and often itchy. It hurt her to touch the pillow at night, and she couldn’t resist popping them. When she squeezed the pimples, thick pus would discharge. She felt her skin was disgusting. Louise used thick foundation at all times to cover the acne and the scars. She would put it on first thing in the morning and would never leave the house without it. Her confidence really suffered.

I am really shy, people think I’m cold, but I’m just very self-conscious about my skin. Because of my acne, I skip parties and avoid talking to people.

As usual, I took a detailed history of her health issues and life events. In addition to acne, Louise suffered from frequent cystitis, had a history of asthma and severe throat infections every winter. During her college years, Louise had a terrible persistent cough for many months. She suspected that she had whooping cough, but it was never officially diagnosed.

Personality and other case notes

Louise was very well-educated and loved travelling and learning about other people’s culture. She has moved countries a few times in her life. Louise loved animals, especially cats, and refused to eat meat. Cruelty towards animals in the meat industry broke her heart.

Perfectionism was a huge issue for Louise. She was very tidy and organised and criticised herself all the time. She pushed herself hard at work and in the gym, even on the days she wasn’t feeling well. Louise craved sweets but was very controlled about it, allowing herself small amounts now and then. She loved dancing and really enjoyed thunderstorms, having a sense of release during raging weather. Louise also said that she often gets angry and is boiling inside, but keeps it in and doesn’t express her feelings.

Many of her close family members had various types of cancer and diabetes.

Homeopathy for cystic acne – case analysis and remedy selection

Treating skin complaints can be tricky. When healing begins, our bodies deal with more vital organs first. Because our skin is a peripheral organ, it often improves only after the deeper complaints have been resolved. People who seek homeopathy for cystic acne and other skin issues often get impatient. All they see is the inflamed skin, and they feel desperate for it to improve. I always explain that skin may take some time to clear, but it doesn’t mean that nothing is happening in the meantime. Your body does a lot of hard work in the background sorting everything out. Skin’s turn will definitely come too, in its own time.

Homeopathy for cystic acne works in the same way as any other homeopathic treatment. We take into account all the patients’ complaints, not just acne. The treatment has to be deep and holistic to achieve permanent results. We call this approach a constitutional treatment. If you focus only on acne, the outcome will disappoint.

In Louise’s case, I took into account her tendency to develop frequent UTI’s and severe throat infections, as well as the history of asthma and suspected whooping cough. Her heavy family history of cancer and rapid onset of diabetes played an important role in the remedy selection. Louise’s tendency to over-extend herself and other personality traits confirmed my choice.

I prescribed Carcinosin for Louise and asked her to come back for a follow-up consultation in 4 weeks’ time.

Homeopathy for cystic acne – results

Next time I saw Louise, I couldn’t believe how quickly her skin had improved. From experience, I expected to see a modest improvement because it was only the beginning of treatment. But the results exceeded my expectations by far.

Louise stopped wearing make-up a few days before our follow-up appointment. She felt she could go to work and other places without worrying about acne outbreaks. Her skin looked a lot calmer, without the red angry spots. She still had a few pimples here and there, but they looked less deep and inflamed. The pain was gone. Louise was delighted.

She also came across much more relaxed and happier. She laughed a lot and seemed really upbeat. Her social life became busier.

I’ve been meeting friends instead of killing myself in the gym lately, and I don’t beat myself up about it. I feel better about my looks and really enjoy meeting people. I’m finally comfortable in my own skin.

I saw Louise twice more for her monthly appointments. Her skin continued to improve, although the majority of pimples cleared during the first month. She had one more episode of cystitis, which we quickly managed with homeopathic remedies, avoiding antibiotics. Louise’s confidence continued to grow and her skin looked better than ever.

This is something I see daily in my clinic, and it never stops to fascinate me. The impact of homeopathic treatment goes far beyond the skin or any other complaint people came in with. Homeopathy can truly change your whole life by healing your body and soul.

I hope you found this helpful. If you have any questions or would like to book an appointment, please feel free to contact me. I am a qualified professional offering expert homeopathic treatment in Dublin and Online. Family discounts available.