Homeopathy for pregnancy

First of all, let me offer my heartfelt and warmest congratulations on your pregnancy! Whether you conceived with ease or struggled with infertility, whether you are expecting your baby number one or number five, pregnancy is a truly magical, precious and exciting time of your life. And if you find it hard to handle, homeopathy for pregnancy will resolve your symptoms quickly and efficiently. And, more importantly, without any nasty chemicals or toxins.

I sometimes go back in time to my first pregnancy. We were in a relatively new relationship, and finding out we were expecting felt like a sign from God. We were so in love and life was a wonder. I was walking on clouds. That tenderness we both felt was truly special.

I didn’t know about homeopathy at the time, but I instinctively knew that mother-nature had designed me perfectly well to carry babies and give birth. And so, interventions and medications were out of question for me. I had my mind set on a natural pregnancy and birth. “The Birth Book” by William and Martha Sears became my bible. We also enrolled in a hypnobirthing course although it took some convincing to get my husband to go along with it!

Common pregnancy complaints

Lucky for me, I was young and healthy and sailed through those precious nine months without any issues. A lot of women experience some level of discomfort though, ranging from mild to debilitating. Nausea and vomiting, or morning sickness, is the most common pregnancy complaint. Constipation and haemorrhoids often make pregnancy hell, as does heartburn. Women frequently suffer from pelvic girdle pain and backache. Some experience itching, or cholestasis. I wrote a number of posts in the blog section of my website with remedy suggestions for some of the most frequent pregnancy-related issues I see in my clinic.

Homeopathy for pregnancy – breech or malpresentation

The number one remedy to help turn the baby into the right position for birth is Pulsatilla. I usually recommend one dose of 200c, and it should do its magic. If nothing happened after 24 hours, try one dose of 1M.

Homeopathy for pregnancy – tissue or cell salts

During pregnancy the baby takes everything it needs from the mother. This may leave the mother slightly depleted. Taking tissue salts throughout pregnancy ensures that mother’s resources are replenished and she has no mineral deficiency. Tissue salts support the body at the cellular level. You can think of them as homeopathic supplements. Miranda Castro, a renowned homeopath, recommends the following cell salts during pregnancy:

  • Calc fluor: elasticity of the connective tissues, varicose veins and haemorrhoids, stretch marks prevention, bone development.
  • Silica: building strong bones and teeth, helps strengthen the hair.
  • Kali phos: nervous system support, stress relief.
  • Mag phos: reduces muscle cramps and pains, hiccups and heartburn.
  • Ferrum phos: oxygenates blood and prevents iron deficiency or anaemia.
  • Calc phos: improves bones’ structure, teeth and circulation.
  • Kali mur: supports mucus membranes.
  • Nat mur: distribution of water in the body, helps with swelling and blood pressure.
Homeopathy for pregnancy – tissue salts programme

Start taking tissue salts in the third month, one tablet of each tissue salt at a time:

  • Week 1:
    Calc fluor morning and afternoon;
    Silica mid-day and bedtime.
  • Week 2:
    Kali phos morning and afternoon;
    Mag phos mid-day and bedtime.
  • Week 3:
    Ferrum phos morning and afternoon;
    Calc phos mid-day and bedtime.
  • Week 4:
    Kali mur morning and afternoon;
    Nat mur
    mid-day and bedtime.

I use this programme for general support. However, if the pregnant mother suffers from some particular issues, such as anaemia, heartburn or has a history of pelvic girdle pain in previous pregnancies, I adjust the tissue salts programme accordingly. For example, Nat phos can be added to help with heartburn and acidity problems. I may advise the mother to take more Calc fluor or Ferrum phos, and so on.

Homeopathy for pregnancy is the perfect choice that offers you peace of mind knowing that you are doing what’s best for you and your growing baby. Look after yourself and please reach out to me if you need support.