Homeopathy for menopause

My clients have a range of feelings about menopause. For a lucky few it’s a happy goodbye, while others grieve the loss of their youth and fear the uncertainty of ageing. Many feel unprepared and confused, especially if they are caught off-guard by strong perimenopausal symptoms. Such a major hormonal change can really shake us up. Remember what it was like during puberty? Well, menopause is no less of a rollercoaster in terms of changes we go through. But while no one raises an eyebrow at a teenager who turns into Jekyll & Hyde, society cuts middle-aged women no slack. And unfortunately, husbands and children often show little compassion either. Unfair as it may be, you don’t have to go through it alone. I love supporting women in this vulnerable stage of life. Homeopathy for menopause helps resolve emotional and physical symptoms.

What’s more, my patients really appreciate the safe and non-judgemental space to share their feelings and struggles. Healing begins here.

Homeopathy for menopause – common remedies

Anyone vaguely familiar with homeopathy and homeopathic remedies has heard of those “female” remedies that we often prescribe to help with hormonal imbalance:

  • Sepia
  • Lachesis
  • Pulsatilla
  • Folliculinum
  • Lilium tigrinum

It’s true that we often use these remedies in homeopathy for menopause, and they do help a lot of women. However, I try not to become complacent and steer clear of routine prescribing. The real power of homeopathy is in the individualised remedy selection. The more precise the prescription, the more spectacular the results will be. So I prefer to dive really deep into case analysis to figure out what is unique about this patient, what sets her apart from others. Often the smaller less familiar remedies bring truly transformative results.

Homeopathy for menopause – hair loss

Suzanne contacted me looking for help with hair loss that began two years ago as she turned 43. Her hair thinned out with the parting getting wider, and her scalp was showing. Suzanne was feeling extremely self-conscious about it. She’s always had gorgeous shiny thick hair and was now feeling ugly and unattractive.

I don’t feel feminine, it’s like my identity has been shattered. I was always so proud of my hair, I had it blow-dried every week, I know it might sound superficial but it was something I did for me, to feel and look good, my way of looking after myself. And now I’m going bald. It’s really bringing me down, I just can’t cope with this anymore.

Speaking to Suzanne further, I found out that she felt depressed and was often getting into “black moods”. She had suicidal thoughts, a strong feeling of failure, and often caught herself thinking “what’s the point”. Her depression got particularly bad during winter. Suzanne was also prone to exploding violently and felt guilty that she “tormented” her family.

Based on my analysis of the case I prescribed Aurum metallicum. The remedy did wonders for Suzanne, she emerged from the depression, her hair began re-growing and she was back to her successful self.

Homeopathy for menopause – weight gain

Fiona’s main complaint was weight gain. She worked very hard at it but was unable to shed even a pound.

I hardly eat anything, my appetite is really low, I don’t understand why I keep putting on weight. It seems that it’s enough for me to just look at the food to gain a few pounds.

Restricting carbs, trying various diets, going to the gym, and even working out with a personal trainer didn’t help. On top of that, she was feeling constantly tired, cold and sluggish, so doing any exercise always felt like a punishment. And limiting sweets was super frustrating, because Fiona loved cakes!

Weight gain, feeling chilly, and sluggish are the common signs of low thyroid. Fiona was also constipated, another common issue for people with hypothyroidism. I chose Calc-carb.

Fiona’s treatment progressed nicely, she was getting steadily better over the next few months. First, her energy improved and the bowel movements became regular, and finally, the weight began to shift and she eventually returned to her usual size 12. I discharged Fiona after she spent half of the consultation talking about how happy she was to fit into her favourite clothes again.

Homeopathy for menopause – hot flashes

Catherine was debilitated by hot flashes. She felt them coming over her suddenly and described them as a feeling of self-combustion.

I feel extreme heat on my head and neck, my heart is racing and I feel dizzy, disoriented and anxious. I hate all this menopause stuff!

Catherine also complained of being extremely irritable and angry. Her poor husband was usually the one to set her teeth on edge. Catherine wanted everything done perfectly, the smallest flaw or imperfection would trigger an outburst. Her husband complained that she has become judgemental, critical and abrasive. Catherine’s previous homeopath prescribed her Lachesis but it didn’t help. She also got Nux-vomica, but this remedy didn’t do much either.

I prescribed Sapphire and it did the magic. Catherine later said that this remedy had saved her marriage.

Prioritise yourself, it’s well deserved

While raising your family, you are so busy looking after your loved ones. You give so much of yourself, loving, caring and nurturing those around you. But recognising when you may need support may not come so easy. And I want to remind you. Prioritise yourself and get in touch.