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Help with infertility and all throughout my pregnancy

First I met Kateryna after trying for a baby for a year and a half. I know this isn’t terribly long but I had two miscarriages and was worried that I won’t be able to carry a baby to full term. I wasn’t getting any younger either and we were desperate. My first consultation turned out to be very emotional, I cried all the way through. I had no idea I had so much grief in my heart. Kateryna was very gentle and compassionate, she made me feel really comfortable although I never cry in public. During my treatment she prescribed remedies to re-balance my cycle and help with stress and disappointment. Not only my own health issues were sorted, but our relationship as a couple really improved as well. Long story short, I am so happy to say that I fell pregnant in July last year after about five months of treatment. I am due in 2 weeks and I’m so so grateful to Kateryna for all her support and dedication. Deep in my heart I have no doubt that it’s only because of homeopathy I was able to heal and restore my health enough to carry my baby all the way through. Kateryna was fantastic during my pregnancy as well. She will definitely be my first port of call when we need support with the baby. She is the most generous, attentive, knowledgeable and supportive person, she was really 100% there for me. I recommend Kateryna with all my heart and soul!

Adriana Farrelly

Prostate enlargement – PSA levels in my blood tests went down threefold

This is a little uncomfortable for me to share publicly but I want others to know they can get help as well. I was never a believer in homeopathy but my wife swears by it. I’m a healthy enough bloke but my PSA levels were rising constantly over the last 3 or 4 years, probably because of my age. My blood tests showed PSA of 2.7 last December, the doctor said that the normal level for my age is 0.7. I got a bit worried. Wife insisted I give homeopathy a shot and I’m glad I did. I took the pills that Kateryna gave me for 4 weeks and repeated my blood tests. Got the results today, my levels are down to 0.9. This is unbelievable, I’m so relieved. Homeopathy really works, so hard to believe these little pills can do so much. Thank you so much Kateryna.

Tim C.

Google review – support for the whole family


Eight year old boy with ADHD

I was searching for help for my 8 year old son who was very hyperactive, completely over the top. He was constantly screaming, anything could set him off, had massive outbursts of rage, was very rude to us and extremely jealous of his little brother, always kicked and bit him, I couldn’t find anything that would calm him down. He also had trouble sleeping since birth. I was hoping it was a phase and he’d grow out of it but things only seemed to be getting worse. We tried lots of supplements and dietary changes, behaviour therapy, nothing helped. I was losing faith, feeling like the worst mother ever. Luckily, I met a friend I haven’t seen for a while, she had similar difficulties with her daughter and everything was resolved with Kateryna’s help. I decided to make an appointment as well and it was the best decision I ever made. Within a week of taking the remedy the level of my son’s anger reduced dramatically. He also began to fall asleep easier without having a major tantrum every night like he used to. It’s been three months now, and we are still working on some issues, my son is still a sensitive and emotional child and gets frustrated from time to time, but there is simply no comparison between what it’s like now and what it was like before the treatment. He is so much more balanced now, they get on much better with his brother, even if he gets angry now he quickly calms down and is able to talk about how he feels, it’s nothing like the explosive rage that was there before. He has changed so much and our life as a family has changed, all for the better! I cannot recommend Kateryna highly enough, it’s amazing what the treatment has done for us.

Janey Clayton

Sciatica – no more pain in three days

My left left started hurting 7 weeks ago. The pain extended through the back of my thigh down through the leg, I couldn’t step on the leg, stairs were a challenge, the pain was really bad. I had a similar pain a few years ago, but this time it wasn’t going away. I got an anti-inflammatory medication from my GP but it didn’t help. After seeing Kateryna and taking the homeopathic pills three times a day the pain was completely gone within three days. I’ll definitely try homeopathy next time I need help.


Google review – eczema


Osteoarthritis of the hip, first follow-up consultation

I’m delighted with what’s going on. I feel alive again, enjoy being busy, I’m able to get a lot done, my energy is great. The terrible stitching pain in my leg is so much better as well, I used to wake up every night with this excruciating spasm, but since I took the remedy it only happened twice. The intensity of the pain has reduced 80%. I’m thrilled with the results!


Hormonal imbalance and PMS

Magical remedy. I feel so calm and peaceful, my period came without the usual emotional rollercoaster, no pain either. This is fantastic. Thank you!

Hailey Hall

Google review – migraines


Reflux-free and no more neck pain either

I regularly suffered from acid reflux and took medication for it. It’s been two months since I started taking homeopathic remedies and I’m happy to report that the reflux is gone, it’s such a relief. My neck pain has also gone down from 10 out of 10 to 3 out of 10, I’m delighted.

Pete O'Connell

Anxiety and panic attacks – dramatic improvement within a month

My anxiety levels kept going up and up in the past 10 years, I was always nervous and stressed. I had frequent panic attacks, my blood pressure skyrocketed, I was dizzy and could even vomit from all the stress. My head was throbbing, heart was pounding, it was terrible, any little thing could throw me off, running late or kids messing up the house. I couldn’t sleep, would lie awake and think of getting sick, what would happen to the kids. I couldn’t bear it any longer but was afraid of going to the doctors, afraid of medication. A friend recommended Kateryna to me, seeing her was a turning point for me. Once I started the drops she gave me, it felt like a huge load lifted off my shoulders, I wasn’t bothered by the little things anymore, I could put everything into perspective. It was getting better and better, after 4 weeks I was back to my old self again, I felt like 20 years ago. I am so grateful, I never thought homeopathy can change your life like this. Thank you Kateryna for bringing joy back into my life!

Elena Ryan

No more gout attacks

I’ve been having horrible gout attacks almost every month for the last five years. Every time one of my big toes got red, swollen and extremely painful. It was an agony. A few times, when both left and right ones got inflamed I had to crawl to the bathroom on all fours for a few days. I used the heavy duty painkillers throughout these attacks but they hardly helped. Since starting the remedy 8 months ago I haven’t had a single episode, and my latest blood work showed a dramatic decrease in uric acid levels. It’s a miracle.


Google review – recurrent ear infections


Adult acne 90% better after 2 months of treatment

Over the last 10 years I tried everything, antibiotics, the pill, creams, you name it, nothing worked. I never had homeopathy before and I doubted it would help but I had nothing to lose. After taking the drops Kateryna gave me for two months I couldn’t believe it, my skin improved 90%. I still get a few pimples here and there but they are much smaller and dryer. I used to squeeze them and there was a lot of oozing but now only the dryer core comes out. They don’t hurt anymore either, so I can sleep comfortably. I stopped wearing the heavy make-up to work and my skin looks almost clear. I feel so much more confident now, I was so self-conscious and felt people stared at me but now I go out and talk to people and it’s great. I recommend Kateryna to all my friends now who is struggling with acne, wish I tried homeopathy years ago!


Dissociative disorder and suicidal ideation, first follow-up after one month of treatment

I’m doing really well, had a small episode of the disconnect, but it was a lot smaller than usual, it went by super quickly, didn’t even get to do anything stupid. It was controllable. And levels of stress also decreased. So pretty positive as of lately.


Facebook review


Hormonal acne cleared up in four months

My acne used to flair up every month and I hated those mirrors! I can’t thank you enough for your skill, knowledge and patience!

Nicola S.

Huge improvement in IBS symptoms

I’ve been suffering from IBS for years, leaving the house was petrifying. I still can’t get over how effective homeopathy turned out to be.

Stacey Walsh

Eczema improved 70% after two months of treatment

My daughter’s eczema was horrendous. We couldn’t sleep and our family was falling apart. Now I’m feeling positive for the first time.

Tal Silverman

Rheumatoid arthritis, third consultation

Your thorough approach is reassuring. My joint pain is greatly reduced and my energy is better than ever.


Postpartum depression

Thank you for your empathy. Finally I feel someone really listened and understood

Christina M.

Passing of a loved one

The grief was overwhelming. Sometimes I was just numb and sometimes I was drowning in it. Your remedies helped me accept what happened and go on living.


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