Mary’s second baby was due in two days’ time and it didn’t look like her bundle of joy was in a hurry. This time around however, Mary was determined to avoid induction and get the baby out naturally. She went two weeks overdue in her previous pregnancy and the hospital staff encouraged her, to put it mildly, into inducing labour. Being a first time mom, she was worried about her baby, and succumbed to the pressure. She has been regretting this decision for the past three years.

Her first baby’s birth was a nightmare. Mary had prepared her birth plan and visualised a gentle and beautiful delivery. She was not ready for what happened once she was put on the synthetic oxytocin drip. Before she knew it, she was sent into such strong and frequent contractions that she couldn’t catch her breath. The labour was fast, forced, intense and extremely painful. We all know that induction paves the way for a managed labour and further intervention. Mary ended up having forceps and an episiotomy. She felt violated, cheated, stripped of her dignity. Her dream of tenderly welcoming her baby into the world shattered. She swore to never go through this again. 

Natural remedies to induce labour

Sex is one of the simplest methods to bring on contractions naturally. Seminal fluid contains prostaglandin. The same substance is used in a synthetic form as a gel to induce labour. Prostaglandin helps to “ripen” the cervix, making it softer, thinner and ready to dilate. In addition, the female orgasm may bring about contractions and triggers the release of oxytocin, the love hormone needed to induce labour. Sex is perfectly safe in uncomplicated pregnancy, and even if it doesn’t always work, it could be fun trying!

Another method that’s been used for millennia is nipple stimulation. It is also associated with oxytocin release. It stimulates uterine contractions to kick-start labour. Nipple stimulation can also encourage things along if the contractions are waning away.

You can also try walking – gravity and hip swaying helps your baby’s head down your pelvis. An enzyme called bromelain in a fresh pineapple helps to get the cervix ready. Just make sure you don’t overdo it. Heartburn is the last thing you need when you are ready to get the show on the road and meet the baby.

Raspberry leaf tea and castor oil

Another tried and tested method is raspberry leaf. Women have relied on raspberry leaf tea for centuries to trigger contractions and induce labour naturally. It strengthens the uterus and promotes faster, healthier and steadier labour. Two Australian studies showed better outcomes and less delivery interventions in women who used raspberry leaf compared to those who didn’t. Women taking raspberry leaf were less likely to have a caesarean delivery. Artificial rupture of membranes happened less and more women had unassisted vaginal birth. Their labour was shorter and they were set on taking raspberry leaf in future pregnancies. They also intended to recommend it to their friends.

One more well-known trick to kick-start labour is castor oil. It works by irritating the digestive tract and stimulating both intestine and uterine muscles to contract. However, it may cause painful and irregular contractions, vomiting, diarrhoea and terrible abdominal cramps. This may easily lead to dehydration and exhaustion. Why would you want to use the nasty old castor oil when we have our wonderful homeopathic remedies that work really well?

Induce labour naturally with homeopathy – main remedy

  • Caulophyllum 
    First remedy to think of for inducing labour naturally. Weak or irregular spasmodic contractions. Contractions the wrong way – the lower part of the uterus contracts while the upper part, fundus, is flabby. Cervix remains rigid and tightly closed. ‘False’ labour when nothing is really happening; established contractions fading away. Caulophyllum makes the contractions strong, firm and effective, and softens the cervix. The woman may feel anxious and tremble internally, may feel hot and have shooting pains through arms and legs.

Other remedies for inducing labour

  • Gelsemium 
    Useful coming up to labour if the woman is very anxious anticipating birth, fearful that she can’t do it. She may be trembling and feel weak, especially in the knees. During labour, think of Gelsemium when there is no progress after many hours. Also, when birthing mother is too exhausted to continue, looks sleepy, indifferent, eyes feel heavy, contractions may slow down or stop. Sometimes she may be hysterical. Waters have broken but contractions aren’t starting or if they have, the cervix isn’t dilating. Worse from thinking and worrying about labour and better after urinating. 
  • Cimicifuga 
    Very slow labour with weak, painful but inefficient contractions. A lot of anxiety with a sense of doom – very pessimistic, feeling that something bad will happen. Very scared, talkative, almost hysterical. Woman may feel misplaced labour pains in the hips, legs or back. Pain may shoot across the hips or up and down the thighs. There may be shivering, worse from cold and sensitive to noise.

Homeopathy for failure to progress in labour

Remedies mentioned above may also be useful if the labour in not progressing. Another remedy to consider in this situation is Belladonna.

  • Belladonna 
    Intense, strong, regular and effective contractions in the right part of the uterus, the upper part, but failure to dilate – the cervix is in spasm. The woman may be delirious – hearing things that aren’t there, and may make moaning noises. Red, hot, flushed, sparkly or glassy eyes, slightly wild looking.

Once the labour is properly established, there are more remedies to have at the ready.

You are probably wondering what happened to Mary? Well, I’m pleased to report that she got the beautiful birth she’d dreamed about after all. Caulophyllum did the job. After 4 doses Mary went into labour and was holding her precious baby-girl two hours later.

“I can’t get over how AMAZING it was! Felt nothing like my first one, God bless you and homeopathy!”

This was the message I got from her a few days later. Happy mom, happy baby and a happy homeopath. I ❤️ my job 

I hope you found this helpful. If you have any questions or would like to book an appointment, please feel free to contact me. I am a qualified professional offering expert homeopathic treatment in Dublin and Online. Family discounts available.