These lovely feet in the pictures belong to a patient of mine who was 17 at the time I treated him. 

Being a typical teenager, he wasn’t particularly interested in talking to a homeopath as his mother had wanted him to. His love for milk was the only thing that helped me win him over. The thing was, he absolutely loved milk, but his mom had put him on a dairy free diet because his skin, amongst other things, reacted badly when he had a glass of milk.

Constipation and eczema

As far as I was concerned, having to stay away from milk was the least of his problems. His main issue was chronic constipation. Since birth, he pooped once every few days and could go on for over a week without passing a stool. 

I often hear mothers say, my child has had problem X since birth, but when I ask whether the baby had it in the hospital right after he was born, the answer is, oh no he didn’t. Questioning further, we often find the trigger or identify the time when the symptoms began. In this boy’s case, however, the constipation was truly there since birth. His mother had to do all sorts of tricks to make him poop. Incidentally, he was born by cesarean section, which didn’t do his microbiome any favours. Babies who don’t pass through the birth canal don’t get the opportunity to colonise their gut with good bacteria.

As can be expected, with such poor elimination his skin paid the price, and he developed a red rash on his feet around the age of 7. It looked a lot like ringworm, or athlete’s foot, but the tests repeatedly showed no fungal infection. He was diagnosed with eczema.

They saw many dermatologists over the years, but nothing really helped. Topical steroids were keeping it more or less at bay, but whenever he’d forget to put on the cream, the skin on his feet would start coming off in big scabs leaving red raw skin underneath and the affected area would spread quickly. Pictures above show the condition of his feet on a good day, when he applied the cream consistently morning and evening.

Massive improvement within a week

After taking the case, the remedy was as clear to me as day. The boy always felt hot, having windows wide open in winter in addition to the air conditioner set on cold; his palms and feet felt burning hot and he would often stick his hands under cold running water. He was very clever and tried to impress me with his knowledge theorizing on various subjects at length; his hobby was building computers from scratch; he had massive collections of knives and lighters; he was terribly messy but knew exactly where the important stuff was. And his self-esteem was off the scale! 

If you are familiar with homeopathy, you’d easily recognize the remedy Sulphur, which was what I’d prescribed. The reaction was spectacular. Within a week his stool became a regular daily occurrence, and eczema on his feet cleared after a month. Such an impressive reaction means that his vitality was strong, and he responded to the remedy’s stimulation quickly and efficiently.  

It’s been two years since the treatment and the skin on his feet is still as clear and soft as baby’s bottom, and he’s forgotten all about constipation. And, last but not least – he drinks his milk for breakfast, lunch and dinner and no-one can stop him! 

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